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February 23, 2017

Trails with Rewards 2016 Awarded

Congratulations Debbie Lanman and Guarenteed Zipolena on your many hours logged in the saddle enjoying the trails 2016!!!

This team received a Cooler as their Award.  We look forward to seeing many more logged sheets being sent in for the 2017 year.   Open to all horses. We award 4 categories 1st-3rd place.  Happy Trails!

Be sure to sign up ASAP,  Logged hours begin March 1st and will not count until enrollment received.  All forms and payment can be found online for convenience.

January 15, 2017

January Meeting

Meeting Minutes uploaded

July 25, 2016

Meeting Pre/Post Show

minutes document updated

April Meeting

Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2016

Upcoming Meeting!

Our next Officer / General Membership meeting has been scheduled


April 17th Sunday, 330pm

180 S Main Street

Martinsville, IN 46151


April 09, 2016

Horse Fair and Raffle winner!!!

Was great meeting and speaking with everyone able to drop by our booth and chat while at the Hoosier Horse Fair. We hope we were able to answer any questions you may have had or just happy to catch up with those we haven't seen in awhile.  

With summer weather not far off  so many will be taking advantage and heading out for a trail ride.  Its not too late to sign up for the Trail Program and keep track of those hours for year end awards.


Thank you to everyone that participated in our fundraising raffle.  Don Kusmaul of Martinsville IN was the winner! 



March 30, 2016

Hoosier Horse Fair! April 1-3

Plan on attending the Hoosier Horse Fair? We are!!!!!  Our booth is located in the South Pavilion and we would love for you to stop by and chat.  

We will have tickets available for the Rifle Raffle and will be drawn on Sunday April 3rd after Fair ends

Memberships, Showbills, and Trail program sign up will also be available.  

We look forward to seeing everyone and happy to answer any questions.


March 04, 2016

2016 Raffle!!!! Drawing April 3rd

It's like horses... Can you really have too many?  MABA is holding a raffle for a chance to Win a beautiful Henry Boy .22 Rifle.  Only $5 a ticket and no limit on how many tickets you purchase.   Its a Win Win!

The Drawing will be held April 3, 2016 after the Hoosier Horse Fair wraps up.   So get excited, get yourself  some tickets, and say Rifle Raffle 3 times.... Just may get lucky!!

February 24, 2016

Pay Online!!!!

Is printing forms, looking for stamps, envelopes, and sending off those membership dues hard to remember in your busy schedule?

We have a great new solution! Online payments are now accepted.  You can send forms and payment all online while on the go..... Just add your selections in the cart and pay with a click of a button. Don't forget to fill out your forms and attach them via email.  

Debit/Credit and Paypal also will be accepted at the horse show!!!

*A convenience fee has been added and listed in the Shipping method*

January 24, 2016


Meeting called to order by Terina Bowlen at 2:10pm. The first order of business was to elect new officers for the 2016 show season. Whitney Teeters nominated Terina Bowlen for president. The motion was seconded by Ivy Craney. Becky Teeters motioned for Ivy to become the new Vice President and the motion was seconded by Doug Bowlen. Whitney Teeters was nominated to become the new secretary and Ivy Craney seconded that. Becky Teeters will remain on as the Treasurer, unanimously decided by everyone present. Ralph Adams and Doug Bowlen elected to our board of directors. Whitney remained on as the Queen Chair and also took on the role of Youth Advisor. Todd Foltz will also remain on as the delegate for 2016.

The second order of business was the treasures report which was read by Becky Teeters. As of December 31, 2015 there was $2,938.47 in our bank account. Todd has requested $400 so that he may attend convention again this year. Becky will be sending that to him shortly.

It was discussed how to potentially raise money to buy the show software that is used in the IBHA office. Terina and Doug have been brainstorming on fundraising and boosting membership. We need to be visible, other clubs and the general population do not know we exist. Would like to have a booth at the Hoosier Horse Fair (April 1-3). A booth at the HHF in the equine services area would cost $375 or a booth in the general area would cost $480. Fundraising idea would be a gun raffle. “A golden boy” Henry rifle, $410. For Example: $5 tickets (sell 400 covers booth, gun, and about $1000 money in our pocket).

All were in favor of having the gun raffle at the Hoosier Horse Fair. All were also in favor of having a booth in the high traffic area at the HHF for $480. A PayPal account will be set up in MABA’s name so that tickets can be purchased without being present. Ralph

mentioned having tee-shirts made for all members attending HHF and even offering tee-shirts as people sign up as members. Ivy will work on a design and post it in our Facebook page as well.

Ralph mentioned wanting to have more than one show a year in the next few years. Terina talked about how important fundraising is and ideas that we could do to have more shows in the future. We also talked about grant writing and Ralph will ask his wife if she knows anything about writing them.

Potential high point awards were discussed so that we could advertise at the HHF as well. Belt buckles, coolers, blankets, chairs, and halters were discussed.

Getting the show bill out there on various websites and into different magazines was discussed. Corrections will be made to the show bill ASAP and sent to the various charters and put out on Facebook pages. Adding miniatures and ranch horse classes were discussed so that the ranch participants could possibly stay over for our MABA show. There will be a small fry (9 and under), as well as a youth (18 and under), amateur, amateur select and open divisions. There will be an increase in our stall fees of $5, making the stall fee $15. Ivy will update the show bill and post it in our group so that we can look it over.

Johnson County is hosting a Tack Swap on Sunday, February 21st. If we are able, we would like to do our gun raffle, advertise our trail program, offer membership etc. Terina will look into getting a table on that date, which costs $25.


Doug moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 pm and the motion was seconded by Becky Teeters. Submitted by: Whitney Teeters 1/24/2016

January 14, 2016

Letter from Secretary

Letter from Secretary....

Greetings MABA members!

I would like to start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I realize it is only January and its currently freezing cold and snowy, BUT show season will be here before you know it!!
Having said the that, our first meeting of the year will be held on Jan 24th at 1 pm. In the Administration Building in Martinsville IN. 
Since this is an election year, that needs to be our first order of business! 
We would love to see a big turnout and voting participation! This is YOUR chance to make a difference! Have ideas? Share them! Have someone in mind for an officer? Nominate them! Keep in mind that your nominee will need to be able to commit to the necessary requirements. They need to be able to attend a minimum of 3 of the 4 required yearly meetings. They need to be able to attend any events we have and to devote hands on time in running those events. They should have a passion for our Buckies and a desire to help MABA grow! 
The past two years the main focus for the officers has been to awaken the club and establish a show. With that accomplished it is time to really roll up some sleeves and get to work. Their are antiquated by laws that need re written, new programs to solidify, old ones to tweak. Queen and youth team participation needs a big boost. That is just the beginning!! 
Hope to see everyone there! If you can't make it, please contact us with your ideas/likes/dislikes and nominations for office!!

Outgoing Secretary 
Terina Bowlen

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July 24, 2017


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