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Ivy Craney

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Greetings from your president!

Wrapping up our first meeting of the year, we reflected on our past year and set the stage for the upcoming season, I am excited to see our 4th year play out since our comeback.  Although we have limited number of officers on board we are motivated to keep MABA moving forward and growing. Representing MABA as your President is a new position for me but holding a active roll within the charter has not been. My love for the buckskins and the Association began many years ago as a teenager when I followed by friends on the circuit and helped groom.  Once off to college I had the opportunity to own and show my own and even represented MABA as queen.  Over the years I played small roles as website/media designer or board of director.  Buckskins are in my blood and although my showing seasons come and go based off my busy work schedule, I still try to find ways to stay involved.  Helping plan and run a show brings a whole new appreciation to the amount of work it takes to put together and run smooth.  

Our past shows have been ran on nothing short of blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, maybe not blood, but it truly takes a team of volunteers to run a show and do it smoothly. We have been so grateful for all those who have volunteered to help MABA get back on their feet and we knew each year would need to continue to show growth and independence. Last year was a true test being shortest on volunteers, purchased a new show system that had a learning curve taking extra time to enter data, and had a very long showbill packed with classes making for a long day. Exhausted, MABA made it work and are thankful to all our exhibitors who supported the charter and were patient as we worked out many kinks.  We are looking forward to planning and running this years show again because we took those kinks and feedback to learn how we can improve our show and help it flow for our volunteers, exhibitors, and judges.  We plan on simplifying the showbill, improving patterns to reduce the amount of breakdown and setups, and offering better show fees and forms to create smoother ran office and data entry for the office and exhibitors. Of course we are always looking for volunteers. Please reach out if interested in joining our officers or can volunteer at the annual show. 

I wish everyone a successful 2017 Show Season and look forward to seeing you and your mount at the July Show.


Ivy Craney


Save The Date!

July 24, 2017


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